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Z2 DC Motor

Z2 DC Motor
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Z2 DC Motor is used for metal cutting machine tool, paper making, print, textile, cement-making. Features and application

Series Z2 DC Motor machine is used for industry. Its suitable for electric power drag which timing range of constant power is not more than 1:2, over-loading capacity is not more than 1.5 rated torque. It also can be used for metal cutting machine tool, paper making, print, textile, cement-making, etc. Generator can be used for motive supply, illumination or other constant voltage supply. Booster generator is also suitable for charge and floating charge of large storage battery.In order to adapt to adjusting voltage & speed in wide range when constant torque and accurate speed control, Z2 series has developed derive structure of strong wind and its detector, which electrical specification is wholly the same with Z2. But when Z2machine is equipped with ride style fan or double fan and speed indicating generator, it has compact structure and can run at a low speed for a long time, to make the use of wide range of adjustable-speed, accurate speed control. To meet the requirement of timing when constant torque, Z2 series electrical machine can be made to independent excitation generator with all kinds of excitation voltage to easily speed adjustment. According to different excitation power source, excitation voltage can be 110V, 220V, also can be other suitable voltage.Furthermore, Z2 series can be adapted to other special demand, and in order to meet other special requirements. Z2 series derive some other specification:1. ZT2 wide range of adjustable-speed motor:  the range of adjust magnetism and speed when the motor is running at the constant power is 1:3 and 1:4. It is convenient for power supplying  to constant voltage network which needs wide range of speed adjustment. To reduce the draught loss when running at a high speed, ZT2 which frame size is more than 7 commonlly adapt strong ventaging.2. ZT2 special voltage motor: motor which rated voltage is 180V, 340V and 440V are suitable for 1-phase and 3-phase controlled silicon electrical source supply, motor which rated voltage is 275V and 460V can be use for mine traction drive power source and other situation which need special voltage & power source.3. ZO2 enclosed type motor: fully-enclosed, suitable for special, dustproof working environment.4. According to special needs, Z2 series can also derive with compensate winding motor and generator. At this time, the overload times can be increased to about 2.5 times of rated torque, and the time of constant armature loop can be reduced, its suitable for the situation which is large power servosystem or needs large overload torque. Presently, No.8-11 frame have a part of specifications, if needed, can be developed.Above mentioned four kinds of special specifications, the overall dimension, moment of inertia and weight are same as Z2.

Performanceelectromotor power range0.4Kw~200Kwelectromotor rated voltage110V and 220Velectromotor rated running speed)3000r/min, 1500r/min, 1000r/min, 750r/min and 600r/minelectrical machine power range0.6kW~185kWelectrical machine rated voltage115V and 230Velectrical machine rated running speed)2850r/min and 1450r/minOn the following conditions, this series motor can be used continuously

(1) Altitude above sea level maximal 1,000m.(2) Cooling air temperature maximal 40C.Excluded the above basic voltage, running speed and this catalogue, if you want other motor of special voltage and running speed, you can also contact us. For example, high humidity can order humid torrid zone. The basic excitation type of motor is shunt excitation with a little series stable winding. The voltage-regulating generator is compounded excited excitation. (without series winding)In order to meet different requirements, the series motor can be made to all kinds of independent excitation motor of different excitation voltage, also can be made to series and compound excitation motor with different series or compound percentage. Motor frame Z2-1~8 use class B insulation material,  when the cooling air is not above +40C, the temperature rise of winding is 80K (resistance method). Motor frame 9~11stator use insulation class B, the winding of rotor use class F, temperature rise of stator winding is 80K (resistance method) and temperature rise of rotor winding is 100K (resistance method).If each stator winding of motor frame is monolayer naked conductor, then its temperature rise is 10K higher than its insulation class.     The motor can use elasticity coupling, spur gear or triangle strap and other transmission method which have no axial thrust. If the motor is biaxial extension, motor frame 1-6s biaxial extension both can pass rated moment; but the motor frame 7~11 s commutator shaft extension only can pass rated moment when without radial load. If it has radial load, it only can pass 50% of the rated torque.The motor which power range is from 0.4kW to 2kW is allowed to adopt to first grade starting resistance to start.For power is more than 2kW, starting machine with multistage starting resistance or using reducing armature voltage is adopted to step-up starting.

Z2 DC Motor

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